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Hanif Kureishi
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One night, when I am old, sick, right out of semen, and don't need things to get any worse, I hear the noises growing louder. I am sure they are making love in Zenab's bedroom which is next to mine. Waldo, a feted filmmaker, is confined by old age and ill health to his London apartment. Frail and frustrated, he is cared for by his lovely younger wife, Zee. But when he suspects that Zee is beginning an affair with Eddie, 'more than an acquaintance and less than a friend for over thirty years,' Waldo is pressed to action: determined to expose the couple, he sets himself first to prove his suspicions correct - and then to enact his revenge. Written with characteristic black humour and with an acute eye for detail, Kureishi's eagerly awaited novella will have his readers dazzled once again by a brilliant mind at work.

...d by Clayton Thompson. With Katie Adkins, Hunter Bagwell, Scott T ... The Nothing | The Last Dinosaur ... . Keller, Clayton Thompson. Clayton Thompson, a recent college graduate, believes that the best art in the world is created in the darkest hours of those artists' lives. Fueled by this thought, he decides to self document the process of writing his first story. He films a series of interviews with his best friend and ... The Nothing is the overarching antagonist and primary threat of the 1979 German fantasy novel (or rather, the first half of the novel) Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story), and its 1984 film adaptation of the same name. It is an entity in the form of a frightening dark cloud that ne ... The Nothing: Kureishi, Hanif: 9780571332014: Books ... . It is an entity in the form of a frightening dark cloud that nearly engulfs the magical world of Fantasia, prompting the primary...